6 Easy Steps to Clean Your Ducted Air Conditioner Filter

cleaning a ducted air conditioner filter

Ducted air conditioners are extremely efficient at keeping your home cool in the summer and cosy in the winter. Many homeowners who enjoy these benefits, however, may not realise that there’s a way to get even better results out of their cooling systems. Cleaning your ducted air conditioner filter can help you breathe easier all year long by removing dust, pet dander and pollen from your home’s air supply. Regular cleaning also increases the efficiency of your unit and improves its lifespan. Here’s how to clean a ducted air conditioner filter in just six simple steps!

Step 1: Turn Off the Power

It’s important to turn off the power before cleaning your filter. You don’t want to do anything that could start a fire or shock yourself. Once you’ve shut the power off, it’s time for step two!

Step 2: Use a Ladder to Access the Air Conditioner

If your ducted air conditioner filter is high up and inaccessible, you will need to get a ladder to reach it. There are many different types of ladders for different heights and needs. You can also use a step stool or chair if a ladder is too tall. Make sure it’s stable.

Step 3: Remove the Filter

Unscrew the filter cover and remove it. Pull out the AC filter. Be sure not to touch or breathe on any of the parts inside of the air conditioner unit, as they will be covered in dirt and dust. You should also wear a mask when you’re cleaning your air conditioner unit.

Step 4: Vacuum the Filter

So, how do you clean the ducted aircon filter? Vacuuming, indeed! This will remove any excess dust and dirt particles that may have collected on top of it during the cleaning process. A dry brush can be used if there are stubborn particles that won’t come off with vacuuming alone.

Step 5: Rinse the Filter

If the filter is designed to get wet, use fresh water for cleaning a ducted air conditioner filter. Use a garden hose and run some water over the filter. You can also use a water and vinegar mixture or any other water-based cleaning solutions to thoroughly clean the AC filter.

Step 6: Dry the Filter

Once the filter is clean, it’s time to dry it. Hang the filter over a railing or something that will allow air to flow through. You can also place a fan nearby and point it at the filter. Let the filter dry for a few hours before installing it back on your AC unit.

When you take care of your ducted air conditioning unit, it will last longer and save you money. By cleaning your ducted air conditioner filter, you can prevent it from overworking and avoid unnecessary build-up of dust and dirt in your home. For more tips on how to clean a ducted air conditioner filter, talk to the pros today.

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