Microfiber: Most Preferred In Clothes for Professional Cleaning

Sam Veda says,’ One, who maintains cleanliness keeps away diseases.’ Cleaning and maintaining your home spotless not only make your home sparkling but also prevents you from infectious diseases. Cleaning makes your home more appealing and a nice place to live in. Even if you can’t maintain your home regularly and properly, you could access the cleaning services Bondi,who helps you with your cleaning works.

Generally, a house cleaning Bondi is quicker and more comfortable when you use the right tools. For professional cleaning most of the cleaning services north Sydney makes use of the microfiber cloths. This blog explains about the microfiber and its various applications in house cleaning north Sydney.

How Does Microfiber Cloth Work?

The microfiber deployed in the cleaning cloths is made of synthetic polymers polyester and polyamide. These fibres are 1/100 of a human hair in diameter and are barely visible to our naked eyes. The fibres are bundled, spun and finally, woven into cloth. Since the area between the spokes is large, the microfiber cloth has a remarkable ability to absorb and trap dirt, while the conventional fibres tend to push the dust. The microfiber clothes require cleaning agents like detergents or soaps to dissolve the dirt.

Benefits of Microfiber Cloths in House Cleaning

Super Absorbents

The microfiber absorbs water up to six times its weight, and hence it is a perfect material for cleaning. The tiny fibres trap even the smallest dust, dirt, grease, and bacteria.


The microfibers come in wide variety of colours and are affordable. Also, they reduce the amount of money you spent on buying the cleaning products.


The microfiber clothes are available in various versions based on the type of usage.


A person who is allergic to dust can make use of microfiber cloth for cleaning as they don’t create any reaction, unlike the conventional ones.

Application of the Microfiber Clothes in Your Cleaning Routine

Microfiber clothes can be washed and, reused but it never loses its effectiveness. Before cleaning make sure that you use wet for cleaning and dry for dusting. The following are the places where the microfiber clothes can be used effectively,

Kitchen Cabinets

Generally, the kitchen cabinet is the palace where you can find most of the grease deposits. Use a wet microfiber cloth to wipe away the greases.

Stainless Steel Products

Ordinary washing makes your stainless steel products dull while rubbing with the damp microfiber gives your stainless steel products a lustrous finish. 


The microfiber clothes easily remove the stains and residues from the wall as well as from the floor in your bathroom.

Glossy Surfaces

Surfaces of windows, mirrors, chrome fixtures and granite are made to shine with a wet microfiber cloth followed by the application of the dry to get a streak-free shine.


The traditional mops will leave a residue after the cleaning which is absent in the microfiber mops, making your floor sparkling clean.


While dusting the microfiber traps the dust particles, unlike the conventional clothes. Hence prevents the dust from spreading via air. Thus for an immaculate surrounding, invest in a set of high-quality microfiber products.

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